Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I had SO many favorite moments from last night's game! OH GOSH did I miss football!

So, yeah Hernandez made it rain in the end zone, Welker made the Dolphins eat his dust (see above), Solder man-effing-handled that Wake dude, but one name I haven't heard much today was Deion Branch! And how amazing was HE LAST NIGHT? I know the Dolphins ended up scoring anyway, but his tackle after the dude picked off Brady WAS EPIC! Branch is ALL HEART! And on top of that, he was catching passes ALL OVER the face of that Dolphin corner! Soo so so good.

I love this offense. I love them from the tippy top of Gronkowski's head (the good one, not the one that starts all false and leads Tom Brady to throw his first interception in two damn hell as years...GRRR) to the bottom of Woodhead's itty bitty teeny tiny feet. Can we trade Ocho to the Vikings for a third round pick in 2013 and hire back Randy Moss for a twenty-five dollars? Can we? Can we? Actually, my opponent had Ocho last night, so I can only hope that his sucktacular outing was simply because he knew that any big catches or touchdowns would doom my inaugural fantasy week.


I can only assume that the defense knew I had Brandon Marshall on my team, so that's why McCourty let him have a 100+ yards game. UGH. What is UP with our defense? Henne basically walked the ball into the end zone and they just should there, mouths agape, going "hey, quarterbacks can DO that?" YES! MOTHERFUCKERS! NOW PUT HIS ASS ON THE GROUND!

They seemed to get better for the second and third quarters, but they need to start stronger AND finish stronger. If we've got Henne passing for 400 yards on us, what the hell is RIVER GONNA DO?? *Shudders.*

OH, and in my fantasy footnote, after Marshall's performance, and despite Gostkowski's shank, I went into the last game of the week with a 16 point lead and my opponent only having Janikowski left. I nearly had a fucking coronary as he ALONE scored 13 points in the first half! DAMN HELL AS SUCKING ASS BRONCOS! But I ended up hanging on for the win by like slightly less than 3 points.

I now lead the league, like the Patriots lead their division!


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