Sunday, September 25, 2011

That game gave me AIDS

Okay, that's probably offensive... or something. But no one reads this blog, right? So I'm good.


Losing to the Bills in week 3, probably shouldn't be the worst thing in the world. But...

1. I hate when the Patriots lose. Fuck, I hate when the Patriots barely win, but when the Riots lose, reality collapses on itself and I take to my couch for weeks on end, eating stray Cheerios off the floor and drinking wine by the box. It's not a pretty sight.

2. I hate when the Patriots lose games to teams they should trounce. Now, to be fair, I'm not sure that the 3-0 (fuck my life) Bills actually fall into that category, but given that we've beaten those jackholes (the twitter/social media reaction from Bills fans has been borderline disgusting. I can't wait till the inevitable Buffalo collapse now. They deserve every bit of whatever's coming.) 15/16 games in a row, I would have said advantage Brady. Le sigh.

3. Tom Brady had the worst regular season game of his life... I dunno if that's true or not, but it sure as hell felt that way in the second half. And yes, I fucking blame Ocho Cinco and want to rip his heart out of his body via his throat, but my Tommy just couldn't close the deal... Jaysus, two picks within Buffalo's 20? FROM TOM MOTHER FUCKING BRADY? HELL NAW! Actually, I suppose this could be the good news. An epic meltdown by Number 12 and we only lose by 3? Mmm...nope, still feels like AIDS.

4. I did everything in power to secure victory for New England... seriously, EVERYTHING, and instead, I manage to come up with my first sports bet win of my life. *Awesome* One of my Patriots tweeps did remind me that the last time the Patriots lost to the Bills we won the Superbowl, so...there's that?

Blah. So, we're all looking up at the undefeated Bills who lead the AFC East (sanks GAWD the fucking Jests lost in Oakland) and the Bills play the Bengals next week, so let's just accept that they're 4-0. The Patriots face a tough Oakland team. They fucked Sanchez up today, I mean, ugly. So, I dunno. Hopefully Tommy will be out for blood...I can't remember our last back to back losses...oh, maybe '09? That season sucked it. But I dunno...this could be least the Jests face the Ravens, so they should lose again.

So, yup, week 3 blew and week 4 looks bleak.



  1. After today's Viking's game, I'm now a Bills' Belieber.

  2. I know this is where I'm supposed to come to point and laugh but... three tip-drill interceptions? Get off the fainting couch, lady. TFB will be fine.

    Ochocinco on the other hand...