Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Well-ker Soon

I live in New York and I'm extremely lazy - especially when it's 19 degrees out on my days off. This means if I can't catch the Patriot game online somewhere, I'm usually out of luck on Sunday afternoons when they don't make the national TV airing schedule. Sunday was one of those days. It was made all the worse when I heard during the Dolphins game that my Wes Welker was hurt. Hurt badly and carried off the field. I didn't have any facts yet, but I swore if that Bernard Pollard was in any way involved, it would be vaffles for him!
But as I finally saw the footage, it looks like Welker's leg just took an awkward twist. Ugh. Just one of those things. I caught the end of the game. Tom Brady throwing interceptions, our defense being all non existent, another away loss. Sigh. The Patriots have just been all too human this year, miles away from perfection. The spirit and heart of champions still pulse through them, but they're tired, hurt, old. Really, the last vestige of my magical team was Wes Welker's quick feet, his ability to be every and anywhere. If Brady could get the pass in the air, Welker would find a way to bring it down and move the chains. "He's not human!" I would cry week after week watching him do what he does in winning efforts and losing ones. But, alas, he is human. And he's hurt.
And an entire region of Patriots fans are hurt with him.


  1. FWIW, trading Richard Seymour to Oakland for a guy who won't play until three seasons hence wasn't the brightest idea Belichick's ever had.

  2. On the other hand, since Justin Edelman caught 10 passes yesterday maybe losing Welker is less important that you think.

    Worry about the defense not the guy running slant patterns.

  3. Oh, never you mind, I've got plenty of worry for both.

  4. Gerard, Sleep with one eye open. (First rule of Fight Club: Don't criticize Belichick.)