Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playoff bound Pats!

I haven't blogged in a spell, not that I'm not still the 452nd biggest Patriots fan in all the world! But this season I've also become a fan of the game itself! The Monday Night Packers/Vikings matchup at Lambeau was epic! I think I finally officially understand what the pocket is supposed to be after watching the Vikings offensive line protect Favre for, what felt like, hours! Watching the Saints go through defenses like a warm knife through butter was kinda hella damn impressive. However, when the Patriots are the butter and you run a Patriots fan site, well, you see the conundrum.
One of the worst moments of the season was the loss in Miami. The look on Tom Brady's face on the sidelines was heartbreaking. Sure, he was in physical pain, but the emotional toll of blowing the halftime lead, ending the game by throwing an interception, and racking up the first consecutive loss in forever, well, I wanted to give him a hug.
Then the announcer said "and with the fifth loss of the season, the Patriots fall to mediocre."
I was so sad.
And then I panicked. We play the Bills away! Jacksonville is tough! The Jets and the Dolphins are only a game behind! Articles started predicted New England wouldn't clinch the East. I believed them. I settled into "there's always next year" and began to root for more Chiefs losses since New England gets their draft picks next year. We'll get us some cornerbacks! That'll show 'em! But my boys came back. Sure, the win in Buffalo was shaky. That Buffalo recovered the damn on-side kick made my stomach turn. Oh, thank God that the Bills are ever the Bills! But Sunday, at home, against the Jags, they were running like a well freaking oiled machine of awesome! Is Wes Welker even human?? Who cares! He's ours! All ours! After the third hookup, I renamed touchdowns "Bradytomosses" Rolls right off the tongue!
As I said in the post about the Indianapolis game, I love the heart and sheer fearlessness of my team. Oh, speaking of the chickenshit, bland, lame-o Colts, I hope New England road to the Superbowl goes through Lucas. We will light their asses up and leave stupid face Manning and his coward coaching staff right where they belong come Superbowl Sunday: home watching the Pats roll to number 4 on TV!
And that's not just because I'm terrified of Rivers and San Diego. No, it's cause the Colts are bitches. Yeah, I said. And they need to be put down as such. Okay, and cause I'm terrified of San Diego.
The Patriots may not be the best team in the NFL this year. Heck, they're not even the best team in the AFC. But they have the most heart, the most experience in the post season and I'd put my squad up against any other post season squad and like our chances.
Let's go Pats, let's do it again!!


  1. There are a lot of very good but not great teams this year, which should make for some very entertaining playoffs.

    Even before playing the top teams, the Pats could end up with a tough matchup in the first round, with the Ravens, Broncos and Jets all having excellent pass defenses on the season (although Ravens have several hurt players and Broncos have been struggling as of late).

  2. I'd be shocked if Denver makes it past this weekend. They'd need catastrophic meltdowns by both the Ravens and Jets, although the latter blowing it isn't too hard to conceive.

  3. I don't mind Denver. I think we could take 'em.

    -Dawn SUmmers