Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay, I guess I didn't even do a write up of last week's game. Patriots won, of course, but oh man, were the receivers KILLING ME. (I have Gostkowski on fantasy though, so I wasn't too upset that once again most of New England's point were coming off his sweet, sweet foot.) However, THIS WEEK!!! OH BABY!!! MY BOYS ARE BACK.
Brady to Moss! Brady to Welker! Brady to Morris! WATSON with a huge grab. TOM BRADY.
It's funny, I didn't realize that the Ravens were as good as they were (or that they were coming into Foxboro undefeated). I was very nonchalant about the game, didn't even get it up and running until second quarter. My guys were comfortably ahead and then...horribleness! Stupid mean guy beats Matt Light, forces a Brady fumble AND then stupid ugly bad guys get a touchdown to pull within 3. (THE VERY WORST PART?? The announcers had JUST finished saying how New England hadn't fumbled a ball in 27 games. Some kind of longest streak, blah blah blah. I wanted to gouge their eyes out.) But the very next drive, Brady was Brady again. Wow.
OH AND DID YOU SEE THE FAKED FIELD GOAL!! Gostkowski completed a pass AND got the first down!!
And then even with the penalty, NAILED the retry field goal!!!
I love this team!
I watched the end of the Dallas-Broncos game and I'm feeling okay about next week, even though Denver is undefeated.
The Jets' lost in SPECTACULAR fashion this afternoon, so New England is now tied for first. Hopefully, Sanchez has lost some of his swagger and hopefully, Miami got enough of a confidence boost from shellacking the Bills today, that next week will see Miami topple the Jets...what? it's possible.
My guys are 3-1 and in firstish place, so today's song of the day goes out to them:

No matter how many battles I been in and won/No matter how magazines on my nuts/no matter how many emcees I eat up/oh oh IT'S NEVER ENOUGH.

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