Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Brady Rule

Tom first entered common lingo as the most famous beneficiary of the tuck rule, now usually called "the Brady Tuck rule" after it saved our win against the Raiders. (All hail the tuck rule! HAIL!) Now, Tom has inspired a new rule:

FOXBOROUGH - When Patriots quarterback Tom Brady crashed to the Gillette Stadium
turf, his left knee mangled after being struck by Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard
in last year’s season opener, there was something noticeably missing.

penalty flag.

By rule, the NFL determined that referee Carl Cheffers
made the correct call by keeping the yellow flag in his grasp. This year,
however, that type of play will be an infraction.

Some are calling it
the “Tom Brady Rule.’’

The change was highlighted yesterday at Gillette
Stadium as referee Terry McAulay visited Patriots training camp, meeting with
both the team and media members. McAulay, who worked Super Bowls XXXIX (in which
the Patriots beat the Eagles) and XLIII and is one of the NFL’s most respected
officials, explained that referees will be ready to unfurl their flags at
Pollard-like hits this year.

Now, I also wanted to rip Bernie Pollard's eyes out for ending New England's Superbowl revenge fantasies, but truthfully, he didn't do anything wrong. He did his job, unlike our freaking offensive line. WHAT THE HELL, GUYS!! PROTECT THE BRADY!!! THAT'S ALL WE ASK!!! PROTECT HIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMM. So, I'm not psyched about the creation of this rule. The other team tears your QBs ACL, you tear their QBs ACL AND his take out a lung. (Sorry, Cassel.) It's football not, what's some sissy lame sport? Soccer. I hate that the NFL is regulating all the bad assness from te hgame. Don't get me started on the "excessive celebration" rules.

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