Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Jersey Jets

As much as I taunt the Buffalo Bills, at least they actual play in *Buffalo*. How artarded to you have to be to not even know what State you play in, jeez. So, today's trash talking: Jersey Jets.

I heard this one a while ago: What does Jets stand for? Just End The Season already.

I know that's how I felt watching Favre puke all over the field in the last game against the Dolphins. (Metaphorical puke, not the real, Donovan McNabb OMG-the-Superbowl-is-SO-HARD-can't-we-just-agree-to-tie-? kinda puking.)

But yesterday, I read this one and it made me laugh and laugh:

What's the difference between the Jets and a dollar?

You can get four quarters out of a dollar.


Suck it, Jersey!

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  1. You don't the least bit think watching Sanchez will be nice?