Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's not easy being me

I've been a Patriots fan since November 2007.
I also live in Brooklyn, New York.
So, pretty much my life has been hell for almost two years. First, I was heckled as a bandwagon jumper (hey, if there is an awesome wagon with a hot quarterback a superfly Wide Receiver, with their merry band of undefeated awesomeness driving right by your window, why the hell *wouldn't* you jump on??) And then I was mercilessly mocked when my team lost the Superbowl to the spawn of Satan and the New Jersey Giants.
As if that wasn't enough, I was deluged with sarcastic condolences for the loss of Tom Brady during the first game of the '08 season.
But I perserved! I huddled together with my fellow Brooklyn based Pats fans in various Brooklyn bars and we watched the untested Matt Cassel take us so close to the promised land.
Soooo cllooooossseeeee. (Insert I-hate-Brett-Favre-soo-much moaning here.)
But all that is behind us.
Tom is Back.
He's healthy and better than ever. (Hopefully.) (Am looking for supportive, cheery words that rhyme with O'Connell, just in case.)
And hey, as bad as things are, they could be worse.
We could be Buffalo Bills fans.
Or have Brett Favre be our last saving hope for a decent season. BRETT FAVRE! HAHAHAHAHAAHA
As you can tell, both by those last few sentence AND the name of this blog, I like to talk trash.
I especially like to talk trash during the football season.
I don't know that much about football, but I have much love for the Patriots and much hate for all other teams. Especially the Giants. And the Eagles. And the Colts. And the Jets. And the Dolphins. And the Cowboys.
I have grudging respect for the Steelers. But we're coming for you guys. Trust that.
Have nothing but pity and mockery for the Bills and the Vikings. And the Saints (they count as a real NFL frachise, right? I mean, barely, but they get in there, right?)
I will hate the other teams with greater specificity as they face my boys or affect the Patriots' push for number four.
Welcome to my blog.


  1. Wooo...Jamie, I scoff in your general direction.
    Vinny, Hi! Waves enthusiastically. :)

  2. We'll see who is laughing when I have your valuables.

  3. Snap!

    That's the sound of Gisele's baby daddy's reconnected ligaments/tendons coming loose during the first game of the season.


  4. http://belicheat.blogspot.com/

  5. This is not going to end well.

  6. Oh snap. Loona, I'm rubber, you're glue whatever you say about Tom Brady, drops out of Tony Romo's hands when he fumbles the snap.

  7. But if I'm glue, shouldn't that keep Romo from fumbling? I mean, it would probably hurt his passing ability but he should at least be able to hold on to the snap. Oh, and we got rid of that pesky Jessica so we're going to be concentrating 100% on football this year.

  8. Nice blog name. I guess it makes sense that you spend a lot of time thinking about how teams lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

  9. Hey, impressive! I didn't think Saints even knew what the Superbowl was.

  10. Really, girl? Really? Another blog?