Friday, September 3, 2010

Fantasy Football

I'm doing two leagues this year, the first is one with my Scrabble friends. The draft was automatic (I don't know if that's the official name for it, but essentially, I had no say in who got picked. The computer just picks them for you in accordance with the draft order.) Now, I'm not calling foul play or anything, but for the second year in a row i have ended up with Cassel as my quarterback. Here's the rest of my super squad:
Fan Pts
QB Matthew Stafford
(Det - QB)
WR Calvin Johnson
(Det - WR)

WR Steve Smith
(Car - WR)
RB Shonn Greene
(NYJ - RB)
RB Jonathan Stewart
(Car - RB)
TE Tony Gonzalez
(Atl - TE)
W/R Jerome Harrison
(Cle - RB)
BN Thomas Jones
(KC - RB)

BN Kenny Britt
(Ten - WR)

BN LenDale White

BN Matt Cassel
(KC - QB) QB
K Ryan Longwell
(Min - K) KBN @NO Thu

DEF Minnesota
(Min - DEF)

I KNOW, right?? WORST Here is my opponent in week 1:

QB Tom Brady
(NE - QB)
WR Larry Fitzgerald
(Ari - WR)
WR Robert Meachem
(NO - WR)
RB Adrian Peterson
(Min - RB)
RB Matt Forte
(Chi - RB)
TE Chris Cooley
(Was - TE)
W/R Justin Forsett
(Sea - RB)
BN Santana Moss
(Was - WR)
BN Matt Ryan
(Atl - QB)
BN Darren McFadden
(Oak - RB)
BN Bernard Berrian
(Min - WR) @NO Thu

K Robbie Gould
(Chi - K) Det Sun

DEF New England
(NE - DEF) Cin Sun

Now if that ain't some racism, I don't know what is.


  1. Ouch, I'm going to predict you'll get worked in week 1.
    I feel bad for you, thats some bad luck right there.